About Butterfly Imagery

Butterflies have been a passion for photographer Jean-Paul LaCount since becoming a wildlife biologist after college. After obtaining a United States Fish and Wildlife surveyor permit for the endangered Quino Checkerspot Butterfly (Euphydryas editha quino), the meadows and mountains of Southern California became his studio for these creatures. There he encountered blues, hairstreaks, coppers, swallowtails and more in the coastal sage scrub and wildlands of San Diego, Orange County and Los Angeles. Most of these somewhat un-noticed nondescript species of butterflies are overlooked by residents due to their small size and shyness.

His travels to more exotic and tropical locales allowed him to expand his portfolio to include many of the showy long wings and heliconius species. Several techniqes and tricks were used to capture these images, but most are a result of observing individual butterfly behavior.

All of the butterflies on this site have been photographed in their own environment and were not manipulated or harassed in any way. A slight few of the tropcial species were photographed within scientific butterfly averies.

You may find more photography by Jean-Paul LaCount on his main photography website: West|LaCount Photography


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