Butterfly Imagery - Fine Art Photography of Butterflies

Butterflies are flying works of art. Their true beauty, and personality can really be seen in these images. From their colorful patterned wings, to their intricately decorated bodies, they are truly amazing insects. These close ups, portraits, unique perspectives and abstract visions will allow you to see deep into the world of butterflies.

Humble pollinators to showy territorial dog-fighters, butterflies often lead interesting lives. Hatching from an egg and starting their lives as a caterpillar, they emerge from a chrysalis transformed. From the order Lepidoptera, most of what you will see belong to the Papilionoidea family (true butterflies). Explore their world from a compound eye focused on the intricate, exciting lives of the butterfly.

These butterflies from around the world, colorful, rare, large and small, are photographed in their own environment and are not manipulated or harassed in any way.

Orange Barred Sulfur Butterfly Phoebis philea